Our services to songwriters highlight you as an artist while making your music easily accessible.
We ensure that you are accurately and promptly compensated,
while guaranteeing that you keep copyright ownership of your work.



Someone wants to cover your song on their upcoming project, but you're not sure where to begin to grant permission, provide a license, and advocate for the accurate royalty rate. We'll handle the licensing for your song(s), advocate for your best interest, all while you maintain full song ownership.

Our song licensing process allows your work to be easily and promptly accessible to other creators.

Royalty Accounting

How do you account for royalties due to you and your co-writers? We will walk through this process with you - we'll even track royalties for you. We'll be with you every step of the way.

Our royalty accounting ensures that you are paid the correct rate at the proper time.



This can be a complex one. Have you tried to navigate the U.S. Copyright website? We will do it for you and make this a smooth, simple step toward your goal.

We ensure that you retain ownership of your song copyright, while walking through the registration process alongside you.

[the PRO's, CCLI, and more...]

There are so many avenues to keep track of when it comes to who can play your song and how they obtain permission. We'll walk through this with you.




Music Admin has... "an unending passion to work behind the scenes and celebrate watching you shine on your platform. To specifically describe Nischelle with one word I would have to use the word PRICELESS."

James Huey | Songwriter + Worship Leader