Providing a space for the management and administration of your albums. Custom options that fit your needs include managing licenses, royalties, songwriter agreement review, copyright registration, and the in between details that require a lot of time and attention.

SECURING song licensINg

You are recording an album with cover songs and need to get permission. How is this done and where do you start? Let us help you cross your t’s and dot your i’s as we round up the necessary paperwork and associated cost to make all of this legal.

Royalty Accounting & MANAGEMENT

How do you account for and pay royalties and do you have someone walking you through that process? We will guide you through this complex road and walk with you every step of the way.

Copyright registration

This can be a challenge. Have you tried to navigate the copyright website? We will do it for you and make this a smooth, simple step toward your goal.


"Working with Nischelle has been the biggest stress-reliever for Shana Saint Music that I can think of. It felt like I literally had someone in my corner, honestly looking out for my best interests as an artist and an individual. I heard about her from two different people, actually, and they both spoke so highly of her that I knew she was an asset to the music industry. I was preparing to release an EP and needed direction on the steps to take, what not to do, what not to forget... It's really a lot to take in when you're wired toward more of the creative-side of artistry. The administrative duties of being an indie artist are truly overwhelming, but then I met Nischelle! We sat down for coffee and she let me spill my heart about my hopes and intentions for the worship music I was writing and preparing to release, then I got to hear her heart for helping artists just like myself navigate the tricky waters of publishing. I was amazed; Nischelle was incredibly kind and heartfelt, but she knew her business so well I could just feel the weight of it lift. She immediately followed up with me and to this day stays connected to what I'm doing and is always available to help where I need. Connecting with Nischelle has been a GREAT experience and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with the business-side of their artistry or just needs a second opinion. The whole experience was uplifting and encouraging!"

- Shana DeLosSantos | Songwriter + Worship Leader