One word to describe Nischelle’s approach - thorough.
One word to describe how I felt after our meeting - relieved.
— Micah Peacock | Songwriter
It felt like I literally had someone in my corner, honestly looking out for my best interests as an artist and an individual. I heard about Nischelle from two different people, actually, and they both spoke so highly of her that I knew she was an asset to the music industry.
— Shana Delossantos | Songwriter + Worship Leader
My church wanted to record an EP and we didn’t know where to start.
Nischelle walked me through all the steps and from copyrights to getting proper licenses for the songs that we recorded.
She even came out to teach our songwriters about music publishing.
She has a huge amount of knowledge in the
music industry and made this process very turn key.
I highly recommend her for your project.
— Drew Schlup | Songwriter + Worship Leader

Nischelle Reagan, founder and creator of Music Admin, knew there was a way music business administration could be met with relational connection to serve the needs of songwriters and organizations.

"My career in the music industry began in 2008. Working as the Publishing Manager and catalog administrator for a music label was a big job, but I loved the challenge and dove into understanding every detail. Our catalog was constantly expanding, publishing 400+ songs, even more songwriters, and albums.

Maintaining the details of our catalog required diligence and tenacity to make sure everything was in order. The highlight for me was working with songwriters and large organizations on a consistent basis helping walk through every aspect of each process and project at hand. Accounting for song use, issuing licenses to outside organizations, registering upcoming albums/songs with the Copyright Office and various performing rights organizations, securing ownership and paying royalties on a quarterly basis were also part of my daily routine. I have also managed all aspects of travel and touring with various artists, bands, and world-renowned speakers… it’s been an exciting journey!

I created Music Admin to relieve the difficulty artists, songwriters, and organizations face in the search for an advocate; someone who will represent and assist you through the journey of producing your creative vision. My love for authenticity and accuracy in music business administration grew through being closely acquainted with the struggle creatives face in the world of the music industry. As I have worked side by side with various organizations, songwriters, recording artists, and publishing companies, I have been able to help their vision and dream become reality.

If that’s you, I can’t wait to meet and partner with you through this journey!"


Let’s be honest… the music industry can be confusing and complicated. Sometimes it feels like you need a magnifying glass paired with a legal dictionary to interpret the jargon. While you’re at it, grab an excavating tool to uncover the buried treasure of information needed to navigate through the music business.

Have you ever tried to record an album with original songs and have no idea how to initiate the songwriter agreement process? Maybe you’ve said, "What’s a songwriter agreement anyway and why does it matter?". Maybe you are a songwriter and you want to make sure you are getting paid accurately for your work, but you just aren’t sure what percentage is yours or if you still own your song copyright. You want to know your rights as a songwriter. What about securing or issuing mechanical, print, sync, and digital licenses for every song? Now that can be a chore and a half. Paying royalties… definitely not for the faint of heart! I mean, the list could go on!

We’ve heard from countless organizations, songwriters, and artists who are brilliant, creative, and just want to do the right thing. That’s where we come in! We are here to give direction, encouragement, and take care of all of the admin details that seem impossible.

We are here to meet your needs. You may need licenses secured to use songs on an upcoming album; or maybe you need a solid plan of how to release your album successfully. Perhaps you would like to consult about when to start initiating songwriter agreements and bringing your writing team on board with your new project, but you are wondering if you understand English correctly after reading legal terms in various agreements you may have gathered. If you’re ready to work with someone who knows what to do, you’ve come to the right place!

Feel free to check out all we have to offer. We would love to connect with you. We can make your life easier while at the same time encouraging a smooth process for everyone involved.