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Helping you discover a favorable agreement that is in your best interest.

You are a good steward of your work, but you may need help understanding just what songwriter agreements mean, in plain English. You may be looking for someone with experience in your corner. We help you discover the best agreement for your song through guidance, negotiation, and thorough communication.


How can an album launch be successful and stress free? We work alongside you to discover a strategy and roadmap to help you accomplish your vision for your album launch and we'll celebrate with you when it is LIVE!



"Nischelle is one of the most professional and straight forward people I've ever known. I have had the honor to work with her and have her help me on many projects. She is always prepared both with her time and her research and knowledge of the task at hand. It's obvious that she takes her commitments very seriously and always does whatever she has to to follow through. She is a go-getter and a visionary in more ways than one. She is one of the nicest people you will meet, always willing to lend a hand and serve the people she cares about. I would suggest Nischelle as a person or a colleague to anyone and I am honored to call her a dear friend."

- Chris Martin | Songwriter